On the 1st blog of Christmas…


There once was a forest of Christmas trees
who grew so big and tall
Their needles were green their trunks were strong
but that wasn’t true for all.

Among the trees, the big tall trees
(that grow so tall and spiny)
in to the mighty forest land
There stood a tree so tiny

His needles blue and rounded
His trunk so thin and weak
He stood among the giants
his future seeming bleak

Then it came the season
to chop the trees all down
and the trees all grinned in pride
as they lay upon the ground

Big strong men with thick old gloves
threw them in a cart
and the trees laughed with excitement
as they got ready to depart

But one tree was not happy
his face not filled with glee
the tiny tree thought of Christmas and said
“nobody will want me!”

They trundled through the forest
and drove in to the road
the driver kept on driving
with his big, green, heavy load

T’was not long till they arrived
in the farm for Christmas trees
The trees were all dragged out the cart
and marked with a hefty fee

Except for one poor tree
(who was known for being quite small)
the driver laughed when he placed him down
he said: “He’ll cost nothing at all!”

And how the trees did snigger
and call him horrible names
so the tiny tree looked downwards
his needles dropping in shame

“Just wait until tomorrow,” they laughed
“Let’s see who wants you then!”
and the little tree hid in the back of the farm
hoping that the day would end

And when the morning came
the trees stood tall and proud
except for one little tree
who hid amongst the crowd

And sure enough the people came
the trees went one by one
they wondered who would be picked next
it was a game that was easily won

And as the day progressed
and the day became dark and cold
the gates were shut and left behind
were the trees that could not be sold

And the little tree did cry
He cried for a house to live
He cried when he thought of the families
and all the joy he could give

Soon the morning was here
but the trees seemed pretty sad
except for one little tree
who was almost certainly mad…

He jumped to the front of the line
and stood his trunk up straight
waiting for the perfect family
he stayed up near the gate

Yet all the families ignored him
They went straight to the back
Where stood the tallest Christmas trees
standing together in a pack

But the little tree wasn’t disheartened
He just wasn’t fit for the bin
He stretched out his branches and shivered
Someone would surely pick him

And as he had this thought he listened
Whom had that sweet little laugh?
A little boy ran round the corner
Wearing a red and white scarf

“I cannot wait for Christmas!” he cried
“And all we need is a tree!”
The little tree raised his head and said
“Maybe they will want me!”

“Remember, only a small one”
The mother said to her son
The tree smiled and straightened his trunk
Christmas had just begun!
And as you can surely imagine
The tree was perfect for him!
He was packed on the top of their car
Oh how he felt he could sing!

And soon he was stood in their house
Taller than ever before
And he knew that nothing was better
Than the Christmas that he had in store.