Here is a monologue I wrote for my NCS campaign Look past the label.

How can you find happiness when you’re stuck in this cage?

A cage with a giant sign in front saying: DISABLED

Like you belong in a zoo, some sort of freak, always on show, people waiting for you to step up and claim your title

But you always use a mask, a costume, try to be ok, sane, “normal”

Until you slip up. The mask falls off and everyone sees the mess inside and you’re embarrassed, scared, tired, judged…

All because of some stupid label, some stupid sign.

But that’s not who I am.

I am smart, I am funny, I am brave. I’d like to see the people that you call “normal” wake up everyday and be forced to put on a label that changes the way people see them. A label that covers all of their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.

But if you try, you can see through it, if you just try hard enough

Push through, pull it away, let it fall to the floor and you will see me,

Look past my label.